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An amazing place to call home

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Our faculty will know your name

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Best of Both Worlds

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Celebrate being a woman

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Lots of opportunities to sweat

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Why I Chose Saint Mary’s

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Learn from other students

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Get cultured

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Cultivate your religious and/or spiritual self

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There’s more to life than the classroom

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Graduate in four years!

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A community to love

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Alumnae and Impact SMC had on them

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Research, research, research

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Explore the world

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Belong to Something Bigger

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An amazing place to call home.

How do you feel about hardwood floors, 12 foot ceilings, spacious rooms, large closets, and study carrels so your desk isn’t cluttering your room? We personally love the idea. Our five residence halls each have their own unique attributes with their own character and charm. First year residence halls, Regina and McCandless Halls, allow for an easy transition to living with roommates and creating positive study spaces. Wherever you choose to live, you will be surrounded by a supportive and fun community of Belles that make your dorm feel like home.

Our faculty will know your name.

At Saint Mary's, we know you. Our small campus community, and 10:1 student to professor ratio, fosters close relationships between you and your professors. Whether you're in class, swinging by their office, or at a game or performance, you will see your professors around campus and feel their constant support. In fact, they are often the ones who help our students land any number of incredible internships!

With an average class size of 15 students, you are sure to get the personal attention you deserve.

Take this quiz to see which course is best for you.

1On any given Saturday, what are you most likely doing?

  • a.Searching Pinterest for you next crafty project
  • b.Reading your favorite travel blog
  • c.Shopping at your favorite boutique
  • d.Involved in a deep discussion with your bestie at a coffee shop
  • e.Volunteering in your community
  • f.Working at a great part time job to gain "real world" experience

2Your favorite color is?

  • a.Whatever the pantone color of the year is
  • b.Green
  • c.Purple
  • d.Red
  • e.White
  • f.Yellow

3How do handle stress?

  • a.Doodle in my journal
  • b.Hit the gym
  • c.Organize my room
  • d.Reassure myself I am one person and I am doing my best
  • e.Engage in a community or service activity
  • f.Find the biggest stressor and problem solve until the stress disappear

4Your worst fear is:

  • a.A hairless cat
  • b.Suddenly becoming stupid
  • c.Never understanding the human brain
  • d.Public humiliation
  • e.Jail
  • f.A zombie attack

5I relate most to this TV/Movie character:

  • a.Jess (Zooey Deschanel) on New Girl
  • b.Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) in The Hunger Games
  • c.Elle Woods (Reese Witherspoon) in Legally Blonde
  • d.Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) on Scandal
  • e.Erin Brockovich (Julia Roberts) in Erin Brockovich
  • f.Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) on Grey’s Anatomy
Just a few recent internships

Best of Both Worlds

Saint Mary’s will offer you all you want in a college experience. An added bonus? We have a unique relationship with the surrounding academic institutions, including the University of Notre Dame. Our students are welcomed at Notre Dame in the classroom or in any number of clubs or social activities.

This relationship also provides Notre Dame students the opportunity to share the personalized atmosphere in the classrooms at Saint Mary’s, while our students benefit from the expanded course offerings at Notre Dame. So, it's true - you just might have a boy in one of your classes!

Outside the classroom, our students team up with ND students to produce The Observer, the ND/SMC daily newspaper, and they add to the spirit of Notre Dame football weekends as members of the University of Notre Dame Marching Band. If your interests are more athletic, Saint Mary’s and Notre Dame offer many co-sponsored club sports, such as the ND/SMC Figure Skating Club, Women's Rugby, Equestrian, Ballroom and Latin Dance. It’s all about offering you the best of both worlds!

ND/SMC Formal
ND/SMC Figure Skating Club

Celebrate Being A Woman

During your time at Saint Mary’s, you’ll be surrounded by strong women daily. You’ll be empowered to succeed in ways you never even imagined. Be student body president, lead any number of clubs or organizations, stand out in your classes, and be captain of your sport. At Saint Mary’s, you will lead and be led by women.

And when you want to hang out with the boys, no problem! Get involved in cultural and social opportunities provided by both SMC and the University of Notre Dame - right across the street. You can also take classes there if you’d like!

What inspiring woman are you most like?

1On a Saturday afternoon, you can find me:

  • a.Scheduling the remainder of my weekend to make sure I have enough time to work ahead on school work
  • b.At play practice
  • c.Enjoying a coffee, a pastry, and a good conversation at my favorite Starbucks
  • d.Reading through the stack of celebrity news magazines from the week
  • e.Curled up in bed watching Netflix

2What is most important?

  • a.A high level of sophistication
  • b.A great smile
  • c.Enjoying each moment
  • d.Getting to know the people around me
  • e.My education

3If you could have one supernatural ability it would be:

  • a.Mind reading
  • b.Time Travel
  • c.Flight
  • d.Granting wishes
  • e.Ability to see the future

4My favorite food is:

  • a.A International cuisine
  • b.Veggies and hummus
  • c.Anything French!
  • d.Sweet tea
  • e.Spaghetti and meatballs

5If your life was a movie genre is would be:

  • a.Classic
  • b.Drama
  • c.Comedy
  • d.Documentary
  • e.Inspirational

Why choose an all-women’s college? Check these out!

8 of the
top 12

8 of the top 12 Forbes 100 Most Powerful Women attended an all-women’s college.


20% of women in Congress went to a women’s college.


30% of a Business Week list of rising stars in Corporate America attended an all-women’s college.

Women who attended all-women’s colleges continue toward doctorates in math, science and engineering in disproportionately larger numbers than their co-ed counterparts.

Lots of opportunities to sweat.

Saint Mary’s takes part in the competitive Division III Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association (MIAA). Student-athletes from our 8 varsity sports teams consistently earn Dean’s List, as well as league and division honors. We also offer intramurals, club sports and co-ed club sports with Notre Dame and Holy Cross.

If you’re not the competitive type, head to Angela Athletic Facility for an intense workout on your own or check out one of our many classes.

What is your favorite way to sweat it off?

Check out our new Angela Athletic and Wellness Complex!

The amazing new complex is slated to be completed in January 2018!

  • Athletic & Wellness Complex: South Entry - View from Southeast

  • Athletic & Wellness Complex: South Entry - Perspective View

  • Athletic & Wellness Complex: South Lobby - View from North

  • Athletic & Wellness Complex: Cafe - View from South Lobby

  • Athletic & Wellness Complex: Field House - View from Cardio

Varsity Sports

  • Basketball
  • Cross Country
  • Golf
  • Lacrosse
  • Soccer
  • Softball
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball

Club Sports

  • Volleyball
  • Cheerleading
  • Dance Team
  • Western Equestrian Team
  • Quidditch
  • Yoga

Why I Chose Saint Mary’s.

Learn from other students.

You realize how much you learn from your teachers in the classroom. But what we can often forget is how much we learn from the other students we surround ourselves with day in and day out. At Saint Mary’s, our students come from all over the country (and the world!) and represent all different ethnicities, socio-economic backgrounds, political persuasions, and religions.

The unique perspectives and experiences of our students help to enrich the learning experience at Saint Mary’s. We celebrate our differences and we’re proud of what makes us unique.

Check out some of our multicultural clubs and organizations:

Get Cultured.

Through our mission, we promote aesthetic appreciation on campus. You’ll have ample opportunities to experience the arts. We have four art and event galleries, three theatre spaces, and multiple clubs that explore poetry, photography, dance, music, and much more.

Participate in or just check out our plays, operas, musicals, Madrigal dinners, and dance performances. Make connections and take classes taught by some of the biggest names in Hollywood through the Margaret Hill Endowed Visiting Artist Series.

Margaret Hill Endowed Visiting Artist Series

The Margaret Hill Endowed Visiting Artist Series began in 2007 and has brought our theater students into contact with such important and influential artists as Glenn Close, Sigourney Weaver and Audra McDonald.


Cultivate your religious and/or spiritual self.

Saint Mary’s College is rooted in the Holy Cross tradition. While engaged in critical thinking, interdisciplinary learning, enriching social interaction, and faith-deepening prayer, you will have the opportunity to develop your gifts and talents.

As a Catholic institution, we are interested in contemporary religious concerns, and we have a great tradition of celebrating Catholic liturgy. If you aren't Catholic, Campus Ministry will provide you with information on area churches and houses of worship, no matter what your faith tradition.

Saint Mary's promotes social justice and provides you with life-changing service opportunities at the local, national, and international levels. You will challenge your beliefs and grow in your spirituality. You'll find students, faculty, and staff from many faith backgrounds on campus. Moral and ethical discussions take place in a respectful and supportive atmosphere, whether they’re part of a religious studies class or a faith-sharing group.

Check out this great video created by one of our fantastic Saint Mary's students!

Campus Ministry

Chapels on campus:

  • Church of Our Lady of Loretto
  • Regina Chapel, Regina Hall
  • Holy Spirit Chapel, Le Mans Hall
  • Sacred Heart Chapel, Holy Cross Hall
  • Our Lady of Wisdom Chapel, McCandless Hall
Holy Spirit Chapel, Le Mans Hall

There’s more to life than the classroom.

Whatever your interests, chances are Saint Mary's has a club or organization just for you!

Check out these top five reasons to get involved:
  1. Have fun and meet new friends. Meet new friends both at Saint Mary’s and at the University of Notre Dame, where there are another 8,000 potential friends! Join any number of clubs on our campus or co-ed clubs through Notre Dame.
  2. Become a leader and develop professionally. Be president of your club. Lead a meeting. Balance a budget. Plan awesome events and activities.
  3. Discover yourself. Learn more about who you are, what you love, and your place in this universe by exploring activities and discovering new passions.
  4. Learn from mentors and role models. As a women's college, you’ll be surrounded by female leaders. As a first year student, you’ll meet lots of juniors and seniors, who can teach you so much and who really care about your success. Someday soon, someone will be looking up to you!
  5. The opportunities are endless. Join more than 75 clubs on campus or, if you don't see something you’re interested in, start one yourself! Chances are, if you want a specific club on campus, so does someone else!
Learn more about how you can get involved.

Office of Student Involvement
244 Student Center

Belle Tower - Student Involvement Home page

Graduate in four years!

While you'd be lucky to graduate in five years at many other colleges and universities, we work hard to make sure you're out in four. In the past five years, more than 93% of our graduates completed a degree on time. And we are so confident that you, too, can complete a degree in four years, that we offer you the Four Year Promise. Follow the easy guidelines, and if you do not complete your degree on time, we will pay for the classes you need to complete your degree. We work hard to help you find ways to keep your costs down and to make your Saint Mary's education as affordable as possible.

Your Saint Mary's education is life-changing, and it will open doors to a bright future. We want to work with you to make it sure it doesn't break the bank.

Financial Aid Office Contact Info:

Sneak Peak into our President's Office!

Jan Cervelli became the 12th President of Saint Mary’s College on June 1, 2016. Her passion for education and her love for Saint Mary’s guides her work every day. Now you have the opportunity to sneak a peek in her office! Each item has its own history and brings with it a story. A fun way to learn more about our heritage and to #discoverSMC!

A community to love.

Saint Mary’s may have the unique mailing address of Notre Dame, Indiana, but we’re surrounded by the city of South Bend, located in northern Indiana. You’ll enjoy a college town vibe while you can enjoy unlimited access to a bigger city. It’s the best of both worlds!

You can explore the great outdoors, check out a music performance at the Morris Theatre, or study in a quirky coffee shop. And you can be in Chicago in just a quick train or car ride. There, you can check out the amazing sites, shop the Magnificent Mile, or simply enjoy a good ole’ Chicago style hot dog.

Match the cards below to learn more about some of the local attractions.

Feel the welcoming Midwest spirit in South Bend and in our neighboring cities. We celebrate all four seasons, so make sure you bring your sweaters and your swim suits. And remember - whether you’re in South Bend, Chicago, or somewhere in between, there’s always a good chance of running into another Belle!

Alumnae and Impact SMC had on them.

Our alumnae have a wealth of talent, experiences, and access to innumerable resources. They made an impact as students, and now, as alums, we continue to empower them to take on the world.


These sentiments are not unique, but they are commonly heard from our students and our alumnae. The impact of a Saint Mary's education is immeasurable, but the proof of its power is in the action we see from our alumnae.

Research, research, research.

Research. It’s a word most often used to discuss graduate programs. At Saint Mary’s, we know that researching alongside our amazing faculty will give you an advantage when applying to grad schools and/or your first job. Here, research happens all the time, practically in every major.

Check out these examples from the last few years:
  • Chemistry: Received a patent for their development of PADs (Paper Analytical Devices) that detect counterfeit drugs
  • Philosophy: Empathy, other minds and use of metaphor and questioning
  • Biology: Susceptibility of a clinical strain of MRSA (Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus) to various metals
  • Gender and Women’s Studies: Representation of masculinity in television shows, specifically Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead
  • Education: Multicultural connections: A view through Children’s Literature
  • Math: Programming in the Web: Recruiting and retaining women in computing
  • Art: Obsolete by lunchtime, and pattern/repeat/change
  • Biology: Long-term physiological effect of energy drinks
  • Theatre: An experiential study in “Staged Journalism”
  • Religious Studies: Gendered language in Jewish Sacred Texts

Explore the world.

Take advantage of amazing global opportunities at Saint Mary's. Our programs are designed to lead you on a path of self-discovery as well as expand your social and cultural horizons. We have so many exciting places to choose from that vary in length of time, from a full year to a short break trip. The choice is yours! Whether you want to ski in the Alps, or sip cappuccino at a sidewalk café in Rome, we have a program for you!

Our first president, Sister Madeleva, once said, "We promise you discovery: the discovery of yourselves, the discovery of the universe, and your place in it." At Saint Mary's, we take this seriously. More than 50% of our students study abroad. We encourage you to take advantage of these opportunities and make it easy for you to do so!

Explore Your Study Abroad Options

Filter By Category

Semester & Full Year Programs Semester Break Summer Programs

Students in Greece
Students in Africa
Student in Australia

Belong to Something Bigger.

Belong to something bigger. We see you flourishing here. Join the other members of the Class of 2021 who have already decided to make Saint Mary’s their home for the next four years.

If you have yet to do so, submit your deposit now. We can’t wait to welcome you as a member of our family.

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Now, go send in that deposit, and come back to explore the swag that the last few days has to offer official Saint Mary’s students. We can’t wait to welcome you this fall!

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15 More Reasons to Become a Belle

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